We got this.

When it comes to CBD products made for women, step aside gentlemen.

Her Highness is here to reign.

We are the premier purveyors of female-forward CBD couture – products and potions inspired by and engineered by women.

We design and deliver experiences that elevate and celebrate women.

We are in sync with the way women live.

Her Highness products are thoughtfully (and stylishly) designed through the female lens.

Addressing women’s pain and pleasure points.

Working harmoniously with the female body - tackling anxiety, menstrual cramps, sexual health, insomnia and more.

From the highly coveted packaging, to striking the perfect balance of smart, sexy and witty to describe each product and experience, Her Highness is your trusted girlfriend in CBD.

In Her Highness, We Trust

Everything we put the Her Highness name on follows our mission to bring joy and wellness to your body, mind and daily life.

We do this in the highest form.

Our products are made from premium materials that deliver a clean experience you can trust.

Naturally derived ingredients; never any parabens, sulfates, phthalates or aluminum.

So please enjoy Her Highness.

Know that we are busy testing new ideas and formulas to make the next inspiring, innovative product for you.

A note from our founders.

We, the highnesses.

We craved a premium cannabis experience infused with a sense of play, delivered with style. No one was doing this. So we did it. We each brought to the table our experience and success launching and building female minded companies. We set out to reverse the stigma. It was time for cannabis to rise and meet women at their level. It was our pleasure. And now it is all yours.

Allison Krongard

Laura Eisman

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  • Grindzilla


    Grinder. Grindzilla destroyeth. Ground herbs elegantly prepared for a superior smoke.

    Regular price $36
    Sale price $36
  • Lip Service

    Lip Service

    Ashtray + Lighter. Lighting up? Stash your ash in style. From our lips to yours.

    Regular price $26
    Sale price $26
  • The De-Lighter

    The De-Lighter

    Mining for matches is beneath you. Get delightfully lit in style.

    Regular price $6
    Sale price $6
  • CBD Facial

    CBD Facial

    Your daily drop of drop-dead gorgeous. Hydrating. Holistic. Hallelujah.

    Regular price $75
    Sale price $75
  • Pleasure Oil

    Pleasure Oil

    Live your best orgasm. With a lover. A stranger. Or love yourself. Thank you, cum again.

    Regular price $70
    Sale price $70
  • Sleeping Beauty: Refill

    Sleeping Beauty: Refill

    You can never get enough good sleep. Stock up and get used to being well rested.

    Regular price $52
    Sale price $52
  • Sleeping Beauty: Vape Pen Kit

    Sleeping Beauty: Vape Pen Kit

    Drift into an enchanted sleep. Awaken with no lingering effects. Wish granted.

    Regular price $80
    Sale price $80
  • The Queen's Elixir: Refill

    The Queen's Elixir: Refill

    The CBD cure-all you don’t want to run out of. Stock up and chill the pain.

    Regular price $52
    Sale price $52
  • The Queen's Elixir: Vape Pen Kit

    The Queen's Elixir: Vape Pen Kit

    CBD + female friendly herbs. Chill the headaches, hangovers, cramps, pains and bullshit.

    Regular price $80
    Sale price $80