Lit Gifts for the Festival of Lights

Oh yes... Hanukkah starts on December 10 this year so time to get up stand up, and get giftin'. As always Her Highness helps make things a bit more interesting, more enjoyable, and more chill. Pass the Manischewitz and check out these Hanukkah gift highdeas that put the ahhh in menorah... And gentiles, of course this can also be your Canna-Christmas List, your Kwanzaa Bonanza, your Boxing Day Unboxing Day, your solstice Soul Sis-- buzzy holiday fun is great however you celebrate...

For the Party Starts Now:
Lit for a Queen Single Preroll + Lighter, $15

Latkes? Check. Pre roll? Check. Lighter? Check. We are a go for Hanukkah happiness, people. Her Highness CBD pre-rolled joints feature an extra long crutch and to protect your lashes and nails while you light and smoke. The long slim pre-roll profile will give you just the right amount of puff. This hemp pre-roll also comes with Her Highness' elegant gold refillable lighter. Pick up some butane and use this gorgeousness for years to come to light the menorah and whatever else is at hand...
 Her Highness Lit for a Queen CBD pre roll hemp and gold lighter

For the Sensual Searcher:
"Highly Orgasmic" Her Highness Pleasure Oil, $60

Girl, YES. This topical orgasm enhancing oil is going to bring the bedroom fireworks to the Festival of Lights. Combining the relaxation of hemp with a South American botanical that also increases wetness - you're about to have a ton of fun. Apply a few drops and get a pleasant tingle right away - you will enjoy the increasing effects for the next twenty minutes and the pleasure enhancements will last for hours. Should you also get one for yourself? Yes you should. And a pack of batteries.
 Her Highness Pleasure Oil for better orgasms intimate oil

For the Completist:
High Maintenance Deluxe Gift Box, $135

If you're saying to yourself, wait wait wait -- I want both of those things and MORE: Her Highness High Maintenance Gift Box has got you. This beautiful red box contains a Her Highness Preroll + lighter, that coveted Pleasure Oil, a Masquerade collagen sheet mask for dewy skin, High Heels transdermal foot pads for pain-free stiletto wearing, and Manage-Mints sublingual drops for the chill down anytime. Get all these products with THC for a psychoactive kick, or with CBD for all the hemp benefits without the high.
 Her Highness CBD Bridal Gift Box intimate oil, face mask, cbd mints

For Your Stressed Out Sista:

2020 has not been a laugh fest to say the least. Here's to some happier down time moments with laughs guaranteed. Whether your Hanukkah features loved ones in the same room, over Zoom, or not at all, Her Highness Giggle vape pen kit is the ticket you need to Chuckletown. This vape pen kit comes pre-charged with a labeled cartridge - so it's ready to go right out of the box and you won't be confused about what you're vaping. The kit also comes with a USB charger for when the 510-thread battery needs more juice. The only conundrum - which episode of Broad City to watch??
 Her Highness Giggle Vape Pen THC cartridge, battery, charger kit

For Your OG Homie Stoner Who is All Fancified Now:
Thigh High Rolling Tray, $120

This elegant marble and brass rolling tray is as functional as it is whimsical. Sure, there is the perfect space to roll a fatty without wasting any precious flower. There's also no need to hide this beauty away. This chic statement piece goes perfectly with modern, mid-century, and minimalist decor. The marble surface wipes down cleanly between uses and the brass legs are kicky and kitschy. Will your bubbe know all the magic this tray can produce? If she brings her own papers, she might! What a way to start a truly memorable holiday gathering...
 Her Highness marble Thigh High rolling tray

For the Ma Who Needs Some Relief Already:
The Queen's Elixir CBD Relief Tincture, $75

Headache, back ache, muscle aches, cramps - Her Highness Queen's Elixir can help alleviate any pain in the tuchus, including an actual pain in the tuchus. This all-natural blend of hemp-derived CBD, for anti-inflammatory, and CBG, for anti-proliferating is you new go-to for I Need To Feel Better STAT. This CBD-CBG blend may give you a pleasurable body tingle, but you won't get high -- other than feeling highly relieved. Place a few drops under your tongue for 30 seconds for pain relief in about 30 minutes. Each bottle contains 30-60 servings, so get used to feeling good.
 Her Highness The Queen's Elixir CBD pain relief tincture

For the Weed Head Extraordinaire:
THC Power Puffs, $25

Wanna get high? The dreidel won't be the only thing spinning -- Her Highness THC Power Puffs pack a punch and will send you up, up, and away. Power Puffs come in a pack of four pre-rolled joints laced with ultra-potent kief, plus the Her Highness gold plated refillable butane lighter. Her Highness protects you holiday outfit by putting the concentrated marijuana kief marijuana on the inside of the preroll instead of outside where it gets all over your fingers and everything else. Her Highness also protects your bangs and manicure with the preroll slim profile and extra long crutch... no singed bangs over here, thank you. For the kief-curious who don't want to go to outer space, Power Puffs are also available in CBD -- all of the hemp benefits without the head buzz.
 Her Highness CBD pre rolls hemp Power Puffs flower with kief

For the Canna-Curious:
Her Highness Gift Card, $10-$500

Know she wants to get (back) into weed, but is also a picky puss? Can't go wrong with a Her Highness gift card. She can pick from the many Her Highness CBD and THC products, as well as the Her Highness gorgeous accessories, and elegant gift boxes. She'll be spoiled for choice -- which is how it should be during Hanukkah or anytime. What better way to continue the festivities right into 2021?
 Her Highness gift card for the girl who has everything
Here's hoping you have a festive, restorative, and relaxing winter break. And hoping that Her Highness can be part of what makes every holiday special -- quality time. Time spent with friends, with family, or alone in quiet contemplation or raucous revelry or both. However you do it -- Happy Holidaze from Her Highness